Sticks, Knives and Hubud


This drill is fun, though a little tricky to explain.  We begin with sticks:


  1. Angle 1, Angle 2, Angle 1
  2. Feeder feeds backhand to the head, you defend with a roof block
  3. You follow up with Angle 1, he performs an inside deflection and disarms you
  4. He still has his stick, and goes to Hubud, and on the second beat after his attack, you disarm him
  5. You both go back to Hubud, empty-hand


After practicing for a bit back and forth, we add on:


  1. From Hubud, he flows into an arm drag.  With that arm pulled across his body, and as he is turning his body clockwise, he uppercuts (under the arm)
  2. He is heading for the armbar, but you draw a knife and slash (reverse grip)
  3. He evades and you thrust the knife (high line)
  4. He can block with two hands, or block and hit (palm strike to the face works well here)
  5. He strips the knife

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