The Slap


We teach the slap as a pre-emptive strike–you perceive that the situation you are in is going downhill FAST.  Perhaps another individual is taking an aggressive stance, or he is threatening you, or worse yet. . .he is drawing a weapon.  Time to reach out and touch someone!  The slap is just plain insulting to most people–maybe the last time you were slapped, your mama did the honors.  This one has just a bit more behind it, because you want to rock his brain inside his skull, if you know what I’m saying.  We practice from either a Jack Benny stance, or from a protective fence.  This is a nice time to make a point about NOT posturing during a potential confrontation.  The protective fence is great because you LOOK pretty harmless and your body language is saying, “hey, I don’t really want any trouble.”  In truth, you are ready to roll, if need be.  Check out Al Peasland, who is affiliated with the British Combat Association, and his book and/or DVD on Fence Concepts:

If you cup the hand during the slap, and hit the ear, it is possible to rupture the eardrum.  We use both the BOBs, and in our video clip, we also use the focus mitts.  Check out Paul Vunak, as well, as he explains the slap.  Good stuff!



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