Combatives for Athletes


We had an interesting evening on Wednesday.  We recently began teaching combative skills to young athletes.  Now, this is not for the purpose of teaching them how to be fighters.  We call it the fight without the fight.  It came to our attention some time back that the new crop of kids involved in school athletics have no mental toughness.  They often want to quit way too early.  Coaches want a way to instill a combative spirit so their kids have more push. . .but how? 


Enter Combat Hard.  We let those kids do what they cannot ever do in everyday life for fear of being punished.  Now, they don’t get to hurt each other–at least, not on purpose.  We provide plenty of protection.  Nothing relieves stress more than beating on Thai pads.  Most young adults have some pent up frustration with all that identity searching, and many boys especially have a little aggression that could be channeled.  Nothing is quite as physically taxing, either, as striking with some resistance.  Even the wrestling coach at our flagship school voiced that observation, as he was also a willing participant. 


Our training certainly toughened us up over the years.  We are looking for mental, emotional AND physical toughness.  We want to draw out the hearts of these young men and women.  I previously stated that we were not teaching them how to fight, and yet we are.  They are learning to fight through the mental and emotional barriers that will help them win the battle on the playing field.  Their new abilities will go far beyond the field, as well, and it will be interesting to see how they grow as this new program takes off.




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