Byrnes Combatives Demo


Last Saturday we drove to Duncan, South Carolina to do a Combatives demo for Coach Mike Srock and his boys at Byrnes High School.  I am never disappointed by the enthusiasm of the kids and their reaction to this kind of training.  We break out the boxing timer, wraps, gloves, thai pads and focus mitts and give them simple drills to do for two and three-minute rounds.  They performed with a lot of spirit; especially considering our demo followed the legendary John Brookfield and his Battling Ropes.  In addition to the ropes, John had a few other interesting (and exhausting) tricks up his sleeve to show these young athletes.


There is no training quite like punching and kicking pads.  Most people are amazed at just how tiring it is.  The kids also drilled hitting and covering (feeder feeds hook with thai pad and tech defends with thai cover, then returns a combination).  They practiced the fight without the fight, which is excellent for their mental and physical conditioning.


Much thanks to Coach Srock, Marty Mitchell, and all the participants!


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