Blog Post on Breathing

Here is an interesting blog post on breathing, especially as it applies to threatening situations, close quarter combat situations, etc.  It is interesting to me that something as simple and automatic as breathing can become so complex so quickly–there are many ways to breathe, for different situations, and there are MANY opinions on the RIGHT way to breathe.  I think all I want to say about that to weigh in on the argument is to encourage you TO BREATHE.  Some of our students hold their breath whenever they do techniques, from beginning to end.  I used to also, and on ocassion I mistakenly let all my breath out at once, only to weaken my techniques.  At some point, I found that I held my breath whenever I was stressed, and beyond, which can be an extremely bad habit.  I think it is very beneficial to hold your breath whenever you perform heavy lifting, to pressurize the internal cavity and provide stabilization.  But, I digress (and I said I wasn’t going to give opinions!–ha ha).  Dave Grossman, in a presentation I attended a few years back, explained how to do controlled breathing techniques to get control of the autonomic nervous system in life-threatening situations (and for those suffering from PTSD).  Dr. Borum talks about Grossman and tactical breathing herein, so check it out:


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