Israeli Self-Defense Training Camp


Hey Guys!  Sorry I have not posted anything this week.  I just went through a 40-hour Israeli self-defense camp, and let me tell you, I am bloody well exhausted (and bruised).  It was a physically and mentally challenging week.  Every once in a while, you have to go through a gut check.  This was my recent one and as tired as I am, I am very grateful for it.  Trying to learn new skills when you are completely fried can be tough.  I don’t know that I can compare this camp to Geoff Thompson’s Animal Days, but anyway. . .

I recommend everyone occasionally experience a shugyo, which by definition is “conducting oneself in a way that inspires mastery” and the actual translation means “carrying on while suffering.”  You can read more about this practice here, which :

As in any seminar, I learned some of what to do, some of what not to do, and a lot about my own limits and capabilities.  The limits have been stretched further.


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