Cycling and High Low Principle

I was studying one of Kelly McCann’s combatives tapes today and he talked about the concept of Cycling, and the High Low Principle.  Both are effective in forcing the opponent to react.  In Cycling, with high line strikes, for instance, the hands and arms are in continuous flow.  Kelly uses his off hand to touch and manipulate the head of the assailant as his right hand is used to rain down hammer fists, and onward he cycles, alternating continuously.  It is great for keeping close contact, and I think it sets your body up nicely for each strike.  Think rapid fire: break into his OODA loop and go fast, hard and aggressively.

High Low is simply alternating between high line strikes and low line strikes.  Again, if you hit him with a face smash, then go straight for a knee or cupped hand blow to the groin, then back up to the head for a chin jab, AND you attack like a cornered wolverine, you will most likely be forcing him to react.  The more aggressively you strike, with intention, the harder it is for him to catch up and break into your OODA loop.  He was looking for a sheep, and instead he tangled with an angry tiger.  Yes, you must transform into the predator and fight with the same ferocious resolve (to borrow a term from Marcus Wynne) to end the confrontation.

In the previous blog post, about Lee Morrison, one of the videos on his site shows cycling of elbows.  That would be a bad day for anyone dumb enough to scrap with him.  🙂


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