Vital and Nerve Motor Points

We talk a lot in our Gutterfighting class about different vital points and nerve motor points of the body when striking.  Not only can striking these areas cause more pain (although we talk about the possibility of some people resisting the pain, especially if they are under the influence of drugs), they can also cause motor dysfunction.  In some cases, they can be a great distraction as you move to another technique (like gouging eyes, or jabbing fingers in the jugular notch, etc.), or they can even be used in a situation that requires deadly force, such as using the bony portion of the hand, wrist and forearm while striking the brachial plexus region.  Context must dictate how you proceed with that.  I know that some instructors hesitate to share “pressure points”, and yes, sometimes they do not deliver the intended effect on some individuals, as aforementioned, but I think it’s a good idea to be aware of them to add to your overall understanding. 

This document is floating all over the place on the web, and here is just one place I found this old military manual (I downloaded the .pdf file from somewhere else).  Other systems have more descriptive (anatomical) terminology, but this is still very informative.


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