Improvised Weapon: Magazine

Recently we brought in a stack of magazines to class and told the students we were going to practice fighting with them. Naturally, people were curious about turning a magazine into a weapon. As it has been taught to me, improvised weapons are more of a mindset. The same can be said for combatives.

The other instructor tells the story best about quizzing Guro Dan Inosanto about Filipinos fighting with rolled-up magazines, and using them much like a palm stick before casually going back to reading the magazines (In my mind’s eye, I see him reading and whistling a tune). I imagine a little tape would be great to hold it together. Once we got ours rolled and ready for action, we realized what a multi-tasker a magazine can truly be. Jab it into vital areas and nerve motor points, use it with your hammer fists, or just swat that guy like a big, nasty horsefly. It’s all good. I like the way it concentrates the energy of the strike into one tiny area, like with a kubotan.

Not sure we could re-use our magazines. We tore those suckers to bits.


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