Blog Post on NLP

I started delving into the concept NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) earlier this year after reading an article by Marcus Wynne posted on Dennis Martin’s website.  It was entitled “The Neural-Based Operator.”  NLP techniques were developed for programming (or re-programming, as the case may be!) the mind for success in any endeavor.  Some say that NLP has no scientific validity, and others swear by the techniques.  I have an open mind, and I already know how powerful focus and imagination are in making me better.  The author gives examples on applying NLP towards martial arts training, and I love the name of this blog–The Urban Samurai.  🙂

Urban Samurai: Mind Training/NLP



  1. Thank you very much for the link. Really appreciate it. Good blog, by the way. I enjoyed reading it.

    • I enjoyed your blog as well. Thanks for checking out ours!

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