Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the readers of this blog.  The fact that you take time out of each busy week to see what we have to say on the subject of self-protection/self-defense is extremely flattering, to say the least.  We just try to talk about things as we see them, and we enjoy all your feedback and thoughtful commentary.  We appreciate you stopping by!



  1. Thank you for writing it. This is a superb resource.

    • Thanks Chris,

      So glad you find it useful!

  2. Off topic, but there is a video on my blog of a recent street fight in the UK that has hit the newspapers….

    It is not so much the fight that gets to me, but the chaos of the street in general

    • Interesting video! Yeah, I know what you mean. Just like the video of the skateboarder accosted by a punk with a gun. It goes to show you that you just never know when someone might kick off–even in a crowd of people. Some are so brazen about it, too–opportunistic predators and bullies. Target hardening is so critical. These guys certainly got a tiger by the tail! 🙂

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