More Thoughts on Mental Skills

I was on Dennis Martin’s Combatives Forum and I watched a recent interview with Marcus Wynne.  I hear him say, and I am paraphrasing a little bit: “All physical technique is worthless without the willingness to use it.”  He also says that the most important thing for a shooter is “the willingness to pull the trigger on a human being.” Of course, this gets right back to mindset and mental skills.  Without installing the proper mindset, training can be a waste of time and effort.  How does one tap into an individual’s innate sense of survival, that may be latent, or buried under years and years of conditioning?  It’s a very complex thing, indeed.  They must be able to access a state of mind in which they can do, as Wynne describes in The Neural-Based Operator, “whatever must be done” under extreme duress, with something “close to anger and rage”, but more of a controlled, or “ferocious resolve.”  I believe Kelly McCann calls this “rage with reason.”  One’s belief system is certainly a big factor in all this, as it is the framework (acquired through personal experiences and cultural or religious indoctrination) for self-image and it directs his or her actions.

Well, since we’re not all going to run out tomorrow and court danger every chance we get, we can certainly accomplish a lot through imagery, and through training “in state” or with full emotional content (ferocious resolve!).  It takes a willingness to go there, too, with scenario training, which some students still find frightening.  They think they want to know how to protect themselves, but then they are not quite certain what that means, exactly.  It means what we are always talking about: you have to become the predator.  Being a predator is sometimes a nasty, messy, distasteful business; it gets down to our primal roots as human animals.  But, what is the alternative in a lethal encounter?

Must. . .dig. . .further. . .into NLP!


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