Gutterfighting Combatives Seminar


Chin Jab!


Knife to throat


Catcher's mitt pistol disarm


Gun disarm


Group shot!

On Saturday, Combat Hard conducted a three-hour seminar on combatives.  We put things within a scenario-based framework and drilled empty-hand techniques, knife and pistol disarms, as well as improvised weapons (magazines).  Everyone had great questions.  As much as we would like to fill in all the blanks of what could happen and what people should do, of course, some of the variables in any given situation would be anyone’s guess until a real-life encounter unfolded.  We all need to certainly use our imaginations and become critical thinkers, and scenarios are a great way to play with the possibilities, as well.  Emotional content is essential.  I try to feel as I would feel in a lethal encounter, complete with facial expressions and feeling the aggression surging through me.  One important point we stressed was training like we wish to perform out on the street.  Whatever we repeat in training, including bad habits, will come out!  This is why it is critical NOT to do things like hand the pistol or knife back to the training partner after disarming him or her.  This is just one example.  We cannot put this into our motor programs.  SO IMPORTANT!

Thanks so much to all students who participated, and to KBX Gym for making the seminar a success!


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