Charles Nelson

Perhaps some of you already know of Charles Nelson, the former marine instructor with a special gift for Close Combat methods.  He studied and incorporated many fighting disciplines in his system of self-defense, including combatives methods taught between WW1 and WW2, Western Boxing, Ju Jitsu (dirty fighting), and Mongolian Wrestling, among others.  For half a century he passionately taught his methods in New York City to anyone and everyone.  He would regularly collect news stories that involved violent crime, and utilize the details to create scenarios to teach students what to do if they found themselves in similar lethal encounters.  He believed that avoidance was the best defense, but that sometimes trouble found people despite their best efforts. 

We have utilized some of his fight sequences in our Gutterfighting, and he had a tendency to draw the attacker in to a false sense of security (think of breaking into his OODA loop) before launching into a fast and furious attack; he would attack to diminish the intention of the attacker.  This, of course, follows the principles of close quarters combat: speed, surprise, and violence of action. 

Charles left behind quite a legacy, and many people survived terrible encounters due to his no-nonsense, practical approach to self-defense.  Take a moment to read about this amazing man.


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