Geoff Thompson and Fence Concepts

Conditioning Research is an informative, well-written website on all things related to health, nutrition and exercise.  Here is an excellent post and YouTube clips regarding fence concepts, as put forth by the great Geoff Thompson.  We have posted before on his protégé, Al Peasland, and his fence concepts.  Think of a fence as your protective barrier.  There is much more to it than that, and I am oversimplifying a bit, so definitely check out the clips and learn from one of the premiere real-world self-protection masters.  Great stuff!



  1. Thanks Stephen.

    Geoff’s DVD from which those clips come is worth buying.

  2. in one of his vids he mentions asking a question first as a means of distracting before striking…i’ve read of two recent shootings/assaults on south side of atlanta where the thugs asked a question right before shooting. they interviewed some of the locals and they said they all knew if someone came up to them at night and asked “what time is it?” they were going to get shot.

    so it’s not just the good guys who use this trick…

    • Excellent point, John. Man, I would HOPE to be switched on before the thug ever had a chance to get close enough to ask the question. This is especially true if I am hanging out in a high-risk area. Gotta keep your wits about you. In classes we discuss talking to the perp that pulls a gun on us to keep him engaged mentally–if he is still thinking, he’s not shooting.

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