Gun and Knife Seminar with John Whitman

Book Signing

On Saturday, we had the great privilege of attending a gun and knife seminar with John Whitman at Krav Maga and Fitness in Suwanee.  John served as president of Krav Maga Worldwide from 2000 to 2007 and is now the head of Krav Maga Alliance.  He co-authored two Krav books we have in our library, and was gracious enough to sign both of them at the close of seminar. 

I am so impressed at how articulate and thoughtful John is in his presentation of the material, and for his explanations of why certain ways of doing techniques are preferred over others.  Most of the techniques were a departure for us from our previous gun and knife training, so my mind and body were struggling a bit, to say the least.  John is passionate, and he goes a long way to make things clear.  He also emphasizes the importance of concepts with disarms, as opposed to just focusing on technique.  He is a straight-forward kind of guy who maintains an air of humility.  He actually addressed the legality of self-defense and use of force, which I have found to be a rare thing with instructors in this field.  Not sure why that is, really. 

The seminar was intense and demanding (you would expect nothing less from Krav Maga!) and I furiously took notes at every opportunity.  I hope to have another chance to train with him in the future and pick his brain when I am fresh.  I must admit I was dog tired at the end of the day.  If any of you ever have the opportunity to train with John Whitman, I highly recommend it—you will NOT be disappointed!


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