Increasing Punching Power with Resistance Bands

Here is an interesting video clip on exercises to increase punching power.  We had the pleasure of training with Dave Schmitz (aka Rubberband Man) back in the fall of 2008.  Dave is a tremendously knowledgeable guy and has so many cool ideas on all things related to fitness.  The thing about Dave, too, is he tests everything out on himself and walks his talk.  His exuberance is very infectious–he’s so darned passionate about his work.  Anyway, check this out:




  1. This is a great way to work on rotational power and other aspects of punching power without the rapid deceleration that can cause joint problems and hyperextensions. A bit of this sort of training (and a lot of heavybag training) will go a long way towards reaching the goal of increasing punching power.

    • I agree with you, Thomas. Thanks for your comments!

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