Purposeful Training

I think it is an easy thing to lose purpose in training, both as the coach and as the practitioner.  We can get stuck in comfort zones and just bumble along in big ruts, doing what we have been doing for ages.  I can remember many a time in the past when I would inquire why things (pertaining to MA training) were done a certain way (yes, I am the inquisitive one), and the response was either very vague, or complete silence.  I guess that meant it was either A) none of my business, or B) they had no idea.  It was probably none of my business because they had no idea, but I digress.  I can certainly tell you that the majority of adult learners like to know why they are doing things.  Most people I know do not have unlimited time, and they are hungry for purpose, generally speaking.  They want to feel their time is spent wisely.  Now, as instructors, we do get a lot of crazy questions, and sometimes there is not a great answer to divulge at the moment—we may have to give something further thought, or we may have to go consult another expert and get back to students.  This is truly one of the great aspects of teaching, because it forces us to really figure out what we think we already know because we have to deliver the knowledge to another person.   It is our responsibility to keep evaluating the training practice, as well.  Is it doing what it is supposed to do for the students?  Sometimes we try things and they don’t work, and then we have to discard them, but we are always learning and seeking new knowledge to help us do what we do. . .BETTER. 

Brian Willis expresses his thoughts about training as it pertains to officers.  In my mind, it is even more critical that time is spent wisely, participating in meaningful training.  It is unfortunate that the mire of bureaucracy often gets in the way of this.  Complacency can do so much harm.  Check out Brian’s post: 



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