Do or Die

I was reading an interesting blog post by Brian Willis on use of force, which is a topic I would like to get into in more depth on another post.  Brian is specifically talking about the subject as it relates to police officers.  He says that all too often, when the topic comes up in classes, people say that they will do whatever is necessary to win a fight, but are pretty vague about what that means to them.  The discussion usually ends at that point.  Brian says we need to probe further and think through specifics, as opposed to leaving it all to be figured out at the moment.  I am certain there are a lot of people, officers and civilians, who have not answered the serious question about deadly force.  Am I willing to take a human life to save my own life or the lives of others?  Brian lists some interesting examples of what one might consider doing in a battle royale.  He also makes a great point about officers who have improvised successfully to save lives simply because they had considered certain tactics and methods prior to an event.  They used the power of imagination and it enlightened them to possibilities.  The great Albert Einstein said that imagination “will take you everywhere.”  Let imagination become part of your training.  Whether through “reality” and “experience” or through mind play, options and possibilities are still borne of the mind.  In any case, I feel myself about to go off on some long tangent about the fluid concept of reality and another article about lethal force encounters.  No need for that today, but check out Brian’s post!


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