Blog Post on Punching Speed

I posted a video the other day from Crazy Monkey on wrapping the hands for sparring and/or bag work.  Here is an interesting blog post on increasing punching speed.  It’s a nice, progressive approach that makes a lot of sense.  Good information.  Funny name.  🙂



  1. the japanese call it mushin

  2. This reminds me…

    years ago i went to a carnival on the other side of town. As we were walking around checking out the different games we came across this punching bag contraption that could measure how hard you hit in lbs.

    as we walked up, a small crowd had gathered around this muscle dude who was about to hit this thing. it basically looked like an oversized speed bag and when you hit it, it slams up and there’s a big scale for all to see how hard you hit.

    so this big dude takes a couple whacks and people are ooohin and ahhhhing because he hits it so hard we all thought he was going to break the thing. he seems to be content with his last punch and kinda gives the crowd “the eye” like…beat that suckers.

    so as he’s walking away i get out my change to pop in the machine and he gives me a once over and can tell he isn’t impressed by my manly 170lb(sopping wet) fearsome frame. In any case he had stopped walking away and turned to watch on the offchance i out hit him…

    with really no prep or positioning of any kind i just walk up on my first try and whack the thing so hard it really did sound like it was going to break!!! got lots of “whooooooaaass!!! Did you see that!?!?!”

    when the lbs of force pop up on the scale i HAD DOUBLED what muscled dude did!! you should have seen the look on his face. ahahahhaa

    so he came back, popped in his money again as his girlfriend was rolling her eyes at this testosterone fueled charade. he clearly had to reclaim what i just snatched from him. He stands back and gets nearly a running start and whacks the holy hell out of this thing and beats me.

    so i step in, put my change in…
    cocking my head back and forth loosening up my neck…
    stretching my wrists…
    swinging my arms around warming up…
    get into a little hopping in place to warm up…
    do a few practice shoulder punches…
    standing back and sliding forward using proper hip movement…
    really get into the exact movement i’m going to execute for a punch that’s going to blow everyone away…

    i’m ready, i go for the punch and it comes off more like a thunk. i look at the lbs of force and i don’t even get half of what i did the first time.

    i do this a few more times, clearly disappointed, until i realized what happened. I had just experienced “mushin”…that goofy concept of “no mind” that was explained to me numerous times by my instructors but i’d just have that dumb cow look on my face.

    needless to say, i walked away from that game laughing and acting as if i won because i finally understood that pesky concept.

    • Ah yes. That reminds me of a book I read a few years ago called Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. Funny story. 🙂

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