Shoulder Mobility — Tea Cup

When I was first introduced to the Tea Cup, I felt like a complete idiot.  I had some sort of mental block about the movement.  Nevertheless, I persisted, and I am starting to “get” it, though it still looks nothing like the fluidity and grace that Steve Cotter displays here.  We use it as part of our warm-up in the kettlebell class, and I find that an awful lot of people have shoulder issues.  Unfortunately, many guys especially have their shoulders in lock-down from so much lifting and very little focus on retaining mobility.  Scott Sonnon talks about this in his DVD on Warrior Wellness, and this path can lead to injury. There is nothing fun about injury, and you need the right balance of strength and joint mobility/range of motion (and dynamic flexibility) for overall health and functionality. Unrestricted movement is a beautiful thing!

Video 1 is and explanation of the Tea Cup purpose and origin in Chinese Martial Arts.  Video 2 shows the movement.


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  1. […] a lot of great exercises he does for joint mobility.  I did a recent post on Cotter and the Tea Cup.  Check out this video (Part […]

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