Dan Inosanto on Wing Chun and JKD

I trained Wing Chun for many years.  It would frustrate the heck out of me and make me feel totally inept, and at times I wondered about its applicability.  I knew someone like my first instructor, Francis Fong, could make it work in close quarters battle, but I was not certain how I could make it work.  And yet, like most things, you don’t realize what you are absorbing until much later in your your journey.  You see, over the course of time, how certain things really do make sense and add another dimension to who you are and how you move.  I do not profess to be a Wing Chun master by any stretch of the imagination, but my training still shaped me.  I think, to some degree, I took for granted my training with Francis Fong, whom I hold in high esteem and give much gratitude for helping me onto this path.

Here is a video clip of an interview with Dan Inosanto and his thoughts on Wing Chun and the foundation of JKD, Bruce Lee, Yip Man and Francis Fong:

Part 2 of the interview:

Much thanks to Edges2, Inc., for posting these two interesting videos on their site.



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