Critical Eye on Reality Based Self Defense

Here is a very interesting post on Club Chimera’s site.  It is a critical assessment of the new wave of RBSD, or Reality Based Self Defense, and how a lot of camps tend to fall into traps of their own making with their sometimes misguided approaches to self-protection training.  Whatever discipline each one of us trains, whether it falls into the RBSD category or is a more traditional art, and we have notions of using it out in the world to defend ourselves and our loved ones, we should evaluate the efficacy of our training techniques and practices with a critical eye to see if it is appropriate.  If we follow any one path blindly, we are doing ourselves a tremendous disservice.  So, with an open, beginner’s mind, take a look at this article.  It brings up some very interesting points as food for thought!



  1. Interesting article. Goes somewhat with thoughts I was having yesterday on contemporary issues in martial arts and self defense. It can be found here:
    I train in “Martial Arts” and I train in “self defense.” Sometimes the practices, concepts and principals overlap, sometimes they don’t. They are part of a whole for me. But the trend of “Reality” practitioners downplaying the role and skills of the martial arts is pathetic. The marketing along those lines also seems somewhat negative, and may not help seekers as much as it pretends. Rick

    • Very cool. I will post it. Thanks for reading our blog!

  2. Nice find Steven! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks for reading our blog, Adam. Your blog is excellent!

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