Oh My Aching Torso

Okay, so we have been teaching a class this January that focuses specifically on the kettlebell, the whole kettlebell, and nothing but the kettlebell (so help you God).  Now, we have been using kettlebells for years, but we have often utilized the little cannonballs within a cross-training format.  A couple of stations of kettlebells, one station of straight bar exercises, one station of pullups–you get the idea.  It has been some time since I personally dedicated a full block of time to just kettlebell lifting.  Right now we are following some of the girevoy sport training protocols.  My entire torso is so tired and sore in places where I did not remember I had places.  There is such a great deal of stabilization going on during all of these unilateral exercises, I have found renewed respect for these hunks of iron.  Just last night, whilst resting my tender core, I was singing the praises of kettlebells to my younger brother, who is old hat in the ways of weightlifting (respectable 480 pound deadlift and 350 pound bench), but completely uninitiated when it comes to slinging bells.  I may create a new convert in him yet because he is itching for something new and intense and he has become so pressed for time in his daily life, though he loves to work out (a former firefighter).  I find myself talking about bells a lot these days, and it is because I really am on fire for them even though I have Crossfit standards on my goal list for 2010.  Something else I will mention is the fact that when I started using them a few years ago, I had some lower back issues.  I know a lot of folks have a concern about this because they ask us about it quite regularly.  My lower back issues completely went away, and I truly owe it to kettlebells.

Anyway, just my personal stamp of approval on these tools, for what it is worth.  Like I said, I have renewed enthusiasm.  We have walked into many a school weight room and seen bells sitting in the corner, collecting dust because a lot of coaches don’t really know what to do with them.  What a shame, and what a boon they would be to young athletes’ training programs.  Along those same lines, I was reading an article the other day on Elite FTS about coaches becoming more reluctant to teach olympic lifts to young athletes.  What another crying shame!  I better stop there before I get off on some crazy tangent.  🙂


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