Gathering Intelligence on the Threat

Wow, what a great resources this site is.  We have talked before about the three C’s regarding human threats: Criminals, Crazies and Crusaders.  This article provides some really helpful insight about Criminals and Crazies.  In addition, he talks about Drug Users and Gang Members.  The more we know about the habits of potential human adversaries, the more readily we can protect ourselves against them out in the environment, no?  He also goes into detail about victim selection, positioning and attack, as well as pre-incident indicators to aggression/violence so you can learn how to better prepare yourself for on-the-spot threat assessment.  Sometimes I feel a bit like a broken record, but I’ll have to risk it in saying that awareness and avoidance is your best course of action in protecting your most precious asset: YOU.  Familiarizing yourself with the predators in your midst informs your awareness and makes your intuition sharper.  Becoming sensitized to the breaks in the patterns of life–the anomalies–is how intuition serves you.  It can only serve you if you are paying attention, of course.  The better you get at it, the more it becomes a subconscious process that you do without thinking.  When something doesn’t “feel” right, and naggingly so, oftentimes your subconscious mind has picked up on some anomaly that your conscious mind has yet to process, so the warning signal may present itself as a gut feeling, a persistent thought or idea that something is wrong  (or many other messenger forms) to alert you it is time to move and to change course for the purpose of self-preservation.  No need to wait for confirmation, and don’t dismiss such a strong feeling of imminent danger.  When the indicators are there, as this author points out, it’s time to immediately shift into mental readiness of Condition Orange (non-specific threat) OR Condition Red (the threat is upon you).  Either way, you must do something.

Check out this excellent article:


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