Article on Controlling Fear

Here is an excellent article on controlling your fear and preparing the proper mindset that is needed to function under the stress of a lethal encounter.  He is specifically talking about carrying a firearm, but the same principles apply even if you are not allowed to carry a gun where you live.  Mindset, mindset, mindset–it cannot be stressed enough.  And, mind you, there is nothing wrong with fear.  Fear can be a very useful thing, but we cannot allow it to paralyze us.  Courage is only the decision that something is more important that fear, and getting the job done.  After mindset, comes training.  He says it should follow the three R‘s: Relevant, Realistic and Recent.  Is the training relevant to self-protection?  Is it realistic with those same parameters?  How recent is it?  Think of your skills as perishable and stay sharp.  Anyway–enough of my yammering:


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