The Rotater

I recently had an opportunity to try out a cool product called The Rotater, by Joint Mechanix.  When I first pulled this orange contraption out of the box, I wondered if I needed a degree in engineering, kinesiology, physics, or all of the above to figure it out.  Though normally stubborn about reading instructions, I popped in the video and it soon became very clear how to get use out it.  It is really quite an ingenious invention for self-stretching of the shoulder musculature through both external and internal rotation (my favorite part).  You can adjust it any way you need to stretch along any plane to increase range of motion.  I’ve known so many people, guys especially, who have developed tight shoulders through years of continuous lifting, and folks with bothersome rotator cuff issues.  Certainly they would enjoy having this piece of gear in their little bag of tricks, which also might save some trips to the physical therapist!  It is light as a feather and highly portable, so no excuses (but laziness) for getting those shoulder joints moving much better than they do now.  There is even a nifty little tubing/handle attachment you can use for shoulder strengthening.  We do a lot of shoulder mobility exercises, in general, and the Rotater adds something to the mix we cannot get otherwise.  I personally used it for some dynamic stretching of the shoulder and it felt great.

You can read more about it on their website, and there are also demonstration videos to check out so you can get a better idea of how it works—it helps to see it in action to understand its function.