Project ZKO

Zombie Killing Operative – ZKO was officially formed on 09 April 2012, to locate, identity and eliminate any and all Zombie Cells or Super Cells by any means both covert and direct action. Due to the ever-increasing threat of Zombies in the USA and aboard, the President of the United States of America has authorized Project ZKO to be formed and receive budgeting and oversight from a classified agency of the DHS.

Covert Action Units (CAU) – A Covert Action Unit consists of three members. These members are highly trained covert agents that under take missions to obtain information using visual observation or other detection methods. The unit mission is to reveal activities and locations of Zombie Cells or Super Cells.

Direct Action Units (DAU) – A Direct Action Unit combines four CAUs into a 12-person DAU task force.  This task force is authorized to conduct short-duration strikes and other offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, infected environments against identified Zombie Cells or Super Cells.

Their primary mission is to destroy all Zombie Cells and to clear out areas to allow humans to repopulate.

Camp Z (Zulu) is the initial training location for Zombie Killing Operative Training Program – ZKOTP.   

The current Camp Z location is at the Combat Hard Training Center, and this location will be used to conduct all three phases of training for new ZKO recruits.


Initial training will be conducted at the Combat Hard Training Center, code name Camp Z.  Camp Z will conduct three phases of training for new ZKO recruits.

Phase One training (Covert Action); Camp Z recruits will be educated in following topics:

  • The Threat and its Weaknesses
  • Observation and Intelligence Gathering – METT-T
  • Establishing a Forward Observation Post
  • Reconnaissance Scouting and Patrolling
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Communication Skills
  • Individual Protection Measures
  • Silent Killing Methods – Gutterfighting
  • Combat Pistol Expertise
  • Kukri Knife Fighting Techniques

Phase Two training (Direct Action); Camp Z recruits will be educated in following topics:

  • Team Positions and Mission
  • Combat Orders – Warning, Operation and Fragmentary Orders
  • M16/M4 Assault Rifle Field Firing Techniques
  • Offensive and Defensive Positions
  • Individual Tactical Movement
  • Team Tactical Movement
  • Ambush Operations
  • Raid Operations
  • Tactical Communication

Phase Three Training (Combined Field Training Exercise – FTX); Camp Z recruits will participate in a two-day field-training exercise to apply and exercise all skills taught in Phases One and Two.   The Camp Z recruits are put into 12-person DAU teams and organized the same way they are in a real mission. Recruits are isolated for 2 days and issued an operations order. They begin their planning process by studying gathered intelligence materials.  Next, they develop Operations Orders, which will be used to execute both a covert and direct action mission during the exercise.

Upon satisfactory completion of all components of the FTX, ZKO recruits will be certified as fully operational ZKO member.


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