Awareness Article

We have done many posts on building awareness skills as an essential component of self-protection.  Here is an article on the same topic, which is a nice review on developing a vigilant mindset:


Restriction Training

I had already posted a video of Al Peasland regarding multiple attackers.  Here is another interesting video clip on restriction training.  I love this concept because sometimes, in the real world, the ideal striking position does not exist.  You may be attacked and have to shoot from the hip, so to speak.  Technique is probably going to break down in the fray anyway, so you may also consider the fact that you are not always going to get into a perfect fighting stance, either.  My experience at Mark Hatmaker’s recent self-defense bootcamp really drove that point home to me (we were performing his “Outer Limits” drills).

Al practices striking from several awkward positions.  Good stuff!  Check it out: